Definition | MIRI – MIRI Infrared Camera

Mary (mid-infrared instrument) It is one of four instruments on board the observatory James Webb (JWST). This group consists of a wide field photographer, Coronagraphsa spectrometer a little Precision and a medium precision integrated field spectrometer. Of the four JWST instruments, only Miri will be observed in thermal infrared (between 5 and 28 micron). Like the other three machines, inside Isim (integrated scientific instrumentation unit) Which also includes many subsystems.

MERI, JWST instrument for studying planets, stars and galaxies in infrared light

Compared with other similar tools, including the on-board tool space telescope Spitzer from NASAMiri reagents achieve a sensitivity of about 50 times that of Spitzer With seven times greater angle accuracy.

As explained by the CEA Astrophysics Department, Merry is supposed to contribute in a weighted manner to the four main research topics for which the JWST is built, namely the study of the formation and evolution of galaxies that presents red shift greater than z = 5, but also the mechanisms physical which control training stars study planets protoplanetary discsThe nuclear structure From the first items other thanhydrogen and thehelium (which – which Astronomy scientists Summon the “heavy” items), and look for props for the emergence of life.

Meri’s main scientific objectives are to make a study of:

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