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Designation An apple Silicon brings it all together SoCand SiP and other chips designed by Apple. These chips use the ARM architecture and equip many devices and wearable from the brand. Production does not take place inside Apple because the company does not have a foundry. This is TSMC, often before downsizing transistors andApplication From Moore’s Law, responsible for the production of Apple chips, but the Cupertino company also recalled experience Samsung In the field several times.

Series A

Series A is perhaps the most popular among the general public, as it is the one that equips the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple TV Beside Homepod first generation. You will use a very small ARM architecture, i.e. with powerful cores but consume a lot of economic cores but with lower performance as well as many graphics cores. Due to its presence inIphone, Apple’s flagship product, is often one that takes advantage of the latest innovations from TSMC and Apple engineers.

M series.

The M Series was introduced in 2020 when Apple announced the move of its Mac computers fromIntel Corporation towards its own architecture. It is also based on the small ARM BIG architecture that serves as the basis for the A series but remains more powerful because the chip has access to moreenergy. All Apple Macs will be equipped with it by the end of 2022.

S series.

Mainly dedicated to Apple WatchThe S-Series SiP (System-in-Package) also equips the Homepod Mini. It includes Healer, EKG but also RAMstorage, etc modems Dedicated to contact BluetoothAnd Wi-Fi and cellular.

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other chips

Apple also produces other chips with different uses:

  • The T2 . slice Mac and Macbook have been ready since 2017 and fix processor vulnerabilities Intel Corporation. It encrypts and manages the biometric information needed to run FaceID.
  • U1 chip that allows ultra-wideband use on various Apple devices such as AirTags
  • The H series which supplies wireless audio devices from Apple and Beats such as Airpods Max and Airpods Pro as well as Powerbeats.

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