Deconfinement: a little air for athletes

Athletes will be able to gradually resume training starting March 26th. Gyms and sports facilities will reopen across Quebec.

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On Friday, Sports Minister Isabel Charest announced the first phase of the sport's cancellation at a press conference in Montreal.  It says:

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On Friday, Sports Minister Isabel Charest announced the first phase of the sport’s cancellation at a press conference in Montreal. “Other steps will be taken if all goes well,” she says.

But be careful, matches and competitions will not be permitted and a physical distance of two meters must be respected at all times.

“It is a first stage of dismantling and it is a start. Sports Minister Isabelle Charest said on Friday that further steps will be taken if things go well.

In the red, the cuts are limited. Residents of Greater Montreal will still be able to resume use of fitness centers and indoor sports centers, such as dance studios and gyms. However, it will only be possible to practice your activity alone or with your family.

in schools, Extracurricular activities will only be permitted in class groups starting Monday.

Group training in the orange zone

In the orange zone, young athletes will be able to start rubbing their shoulders with their teammates again. Twelve people will be able to participate in the same outdoor sporting activity under the supervision of a coach.

For indoor sports or leisure activities, the maximum number of participants will be eight. In many disciplines, this means that coaching cannot bring all team members together at the same time.

  • Listen to the interview with Veronique Marchand, Director of the Quebec Teachers and Educators Union:
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Starting Monday, extracurricular activities can be resumed in districts at the orange alert level, but only in class groups.

Additional relief is expected from March 26. Young athletes from different classes will be able to participate in the same training. Once again, outdoor activities should involve no more than a dozen young people.

In villas and school gyms, only eight students will be able to train at the same time.

More lax authorities in June

Note that matches will be prohibited and so will the spectators. Players will have to stay two meters away from each other.

Minister Charrest did not want to advance on a timetable for the resumption of matches and competitions.

Dr. said.s Richard Massey, from Public Health.

According to him, since the majority of the population will receive the first dose of the vaccine in June, the authorities may be more “lenient”.

Ds Massey did not rule out the possibility that young athletes would wear the mask upon resuming matches, as is the case with hockey players in the United States.

The “gradual disintegration of sport” announced by Minister Charrest was greeted with some disappointment by the official opposition.

Liberal Representative Enrico Ciccone commented: “It’s half a fig and half a grape.” Of course there is more flexibility […]But it is not a progressive recovery plan from the ground up. ”

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