Deceit in love: he brutally exposes his new wife in the middle of the wedding dinner

The wedding that seemed to be going well soon took a turn when the groom asked the guests to open an envelope… revealing a photo of his new wife cheating on him with her best man.

“These are pictures of the bride kissing the groomsman, so I’m leaving now,” one of the wedding planners told The Unfiltered Bride on Wednesday, allegedly before leaving with his family.

Reportedly, the wedding ceremony, which went off without a hitch until dinner, took a disastrous turn when the newlyweds got up to talk and hand envelopes to the guests. At that time, he would reveal that his wife was cheating on him, in front of the family members and friends present.

“He wanted the bride to pay for the food… [mettre dans le trouble] It should. The bride’s family had to pay for everything,” Georgie, a wedding expert in Gloucestershire, England, continued her co-host, Beth.

The story, which was viewed nearly a million times on TikTok on Thursday, nonetheless raised many questions among netizens, who wondered why the husband waited after saying “I do” to expose his wife.

One of them commented, “But if they are at the reception making speeches, it means that they have already thrown the ceremony and he married her.”

He replied immediately: “Just don’t hand over the papers.”

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