Death of George Floyd: The policeman used disproportionate “lethal force”

Paralyzed, her neck is blocked by the knee of Derek Chauvin, George Floyd He was on his stomach, handcuffed, and was not trying to run or fightJudy Steiger, a Los Angeles police officer who specializes in the use of force in the police force, explained.

Only a police officer can use a level of force proportional to the severity of the crime or the individual’s level of resistance to the police.

Quote from:Judy Steiger, a police officer and a specialist in the use of force

The expert admitted that George Floyd, handcuffed, initially resisted by refusing to sit in the back of a police car on the grounds that he was suffering from claustrophobia.

But once he got to the ground, he quickly stopped fighting and the police should have put him on his side or in a seated position, which is a patriotic thing that has been in place for the police for two decades, he says.

When accused Eric Nelson’s attorney, Judy Steiger, was questioned, he admitted to using force in certain situations It might look appalling to the audience even if It is legal under state laws.

But he rejected the premise, regularly presented by the defense, that bystanders who questioned the policeman more and more openly when George Floyd plunged into a state of unconsciousness represented A threat Who could be Distract him The health status of African Americans.

On Monday, Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Aradondo defeated his former agent, saying the latter had done breaking the rules And Value Police stop by.

Last week, Richard Zimmerman, a 25-year-old cop in the large city in the northern United States, condemned the use of force. Simply unjustified And Not necessary at all.

Derek Chauvin, 45, is accused of killing George Floyd on May 25, 2020 in Minneapolis by fixing his knee to his neck for more than nine minutes, a drama that sparked a historic wave of outrage against racism in the United States.

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He pleads not guilty, claiming that he followed a procedure consistent with his training to subdue the rebel suspect, while his lawyer asserts that the 40-year-old black man, who was treating drug addiction, died of an overdose.

Two members of the Minnesota forensic team confirmed, after being called to the union in the afternoon, that pills containing methamphetamine and fentanyl, a powerful opioid, were found in George Floyd’s car and, most surprisingly, in the police car he was in. Denied entry.

He found one of the pills next to a shoe from a 40-year-old shoe that police had taken off while suffering on the ground, and bore traces of his DNA.

The trial was also attended by relatives of George Floyd, who took turns attending the hearings.

Every time I walk into a room I see my brother die again and againAs Filonese Floyd said in the edition of the local daily StarTribune It was published Wednesday, referring to the horrific photos of the arrest that appear regularly as evidence.

He referred to the family Equip To support the vision of the autopsy photographs that must accompany the following medical expert testimonials.

The discussions are expected to continue for an additional two weeks. The jury’s verdict in this extraordinary trial is not expected until the end of April. Derek Chauvin faces at least 40 years in prison.

The other three police officers involved in the killing of George Floyd will be tried for complicity in the August murder.

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