Dear Marvel, why is it over between us

Dear Marvel,

It is very difficult to start a letter like this. So I’ll tell you things: It’s been a while since things worked out between us.

After fifteen years together – as a film critic, I was bought as a franchisor for $4 billion in 2009 by the largest entertainment conglomerate in the western world. [le groupe Disney] – The magic no longer works.

And when we see that through the second week of operation, the revenue fromAnt-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania [sorti en France le 15 février] It fell 66% in the UK and 69.8% in the US – another record failure – it pains me to tell you this, but the problem isn’t with me: it’s you.

Ah, what great beginnings, remember? I remember our first evening together. It was in 2008, in the press show ofIron Man. You came with no illusions and left captivated by your sense of humor, your stares full of opulence and luxury, and of course your dazzling beauty. I was sad last summer [le film de Sam Raimi] Spider-Man 3 (All that whining, I couldn’t take it anymore) and it only came when I needed it, it reminded me how exhilarating superhero movies can be.

Then I waited for the effects of that first intoxication to wear off, but it never happened: sure Iron Man 2 [2010] and theIncredible Hulk [2008] It wasn’t your finest hour, but there it was bull [2011] Especially captain America. When Chris Evans was singing a tune by Alan Menken in 2011 at[en2011 dans][فيعام2011في[en2011 dansCaptain America: The First Avenger]Marvel, I admit I was charmed.

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“I can’t believe a word you say anymore.”

the next seven years

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