Day 4 of CrossFit Games: Patrick Fellner gets closer to the title

In this way, there was only one day left.
And for the first time in many years, a new champion will be crowned.
And for the first time since 2007, he could be Canadian.

Among women, Tia Claire Tome is intractable. With 3 events remaining on the last day, she leads by 206 points over the Hungarian Laura Horvath, who is 105 points ahead of the Norwegian Kristin Holte. But the latter is in a race for the last step on the podium with double world champion Annie Thorsdottir and young prodigy Haley Adams.

For the teams, Pro1 Montreal had a better day than yesterday, scoring one of 12th, 13th and 5th places respectively to move up to sixth, still clinging to a potential podium.

The last cleaver falls at the beginning of the day

Games director Dave Castro had predicted that the number of athletes competing in the remaining events would drop to 20 after the first event of the day. Many Canadians were in danger of disqualification and needed a convincing performance to stay in the competition. Therefore, a classic CrossFit pair requires you to complete 30 “toes to bar” (gymnastic movement) 3 times, 1 mile (1,600 meters) between these sets. Young Serbian Lazar Dokic scored his victory in the first stage of the men’s games. Canadian Emily Rolfe from Vancouver also won an event for the first time in her career.

Five of our athletes will be victims of the axe: Alessandra Picelli (22), Sidney Michaelsen (25), Franco-Ontarian Caroline Prevost (27) as well as Quebec’s Alexandre Caron (24) and Samuel Cornuer (23). The latter would have faced tough competition, as he fell ill after the first day of hostilities and has not been able to eat since. In his case, not dropping out of the games was a huge victory.

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Saturday night at the Colosseum

Next, two events waited for the Top 40 Athletes in the World.
First, they were asked to complete the highest number of repetitions in 11 minutes of wall climbing (“the plank”), 7 squats with 70-pound dumbbells (50-pound for women) at the top of the head (“top squat”) and 15 jump-ups Double heavy rope. Then, crowd candy for the fans in attendance – a knockout round to find the maximum load in the snatch.

Unsurprisingly, Tommy won both events, and she will only need to complete the workload tomorrow to confirm her fifth consecutive title. She also became the player with the most victories in the history of the sport, with a score of 31. One fan favorite, Brooke Wells, had to finish the competition, as she sustained a serious injury to her right arm. Patrick Fellner, fifth and third, got dangerously close to leader Justin Medeiros. He is now only 42 points off the lead with 3 events to complete. In a field reduced to 20 athletes and knowing that the Canadian was still successful on Sunday – expect a big title race.

1. Tia Claire Tommy – Australian – 1145 points
2. Laura Horvath – Hongrey – 939 points.
3. Kristen Holt – Norway – 834 points.
16 – Emily Rolfe – Canada – 601 points.
22 – Alessandra Becelli – 426 points. (exclusion)
25 – Sidney Michaelsen – 414 points. (exclusion)
26. Caroline Prevost – 371 points.

1. Justin Medeiros – United States – 949 points.
2. Patrick Fellner – Canada – 902 points.
3. Brent Wikowski – Canada – 888 points.
7. Alex Vinault – Canada – 782 points.
16- Jeffrey Adler – Canada – 635 points.
23. Samuel Cornuer – 479 points. (exclusion)
24. Alexander Karon – 426 points. (exclusion)

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1. CrossFit Mayhem – USA – 947 points.
2. CrossFit Oslo – Norway – 773 points.
3. CrossFit Sorbiton – Angleter – 725 points.
6. CrossFit Pro1 – Canada – 677 points.
7. CrossFit Resurrection – Canada – 668 points.
21. CrossFit 1855 – Canada – 400 points. (exclusion)

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