David Cotet never forgets where he came from

Montreal Alouettes footballer, David Côté, wants to share his experience with young people in Capitale-Nationale, to motivate them to outdo themselves. He and his fellow Moino offensive lineman Samuel Thomassen were visiting where their passion for football began several years ago, at St.Louis Academy.

Athletes were invited to participate in a conference for high school students organized by the school’s football program director, Christopher Auger, as part of the 2022 Football Gala. We received Christopher’s invitation, and immediately agreed to participate. We wanted to take advantage of this platform to motivate young people and it was a very rewarding experience for us and for them,” says Special Units Hub in Montreal.

The two graduates are the first in the school’s history to be drafted and to reach the Canadian Football League (CFL). “It is obviously a great pride for us to be able to represent St. Louis Academy on the national stage. It is the best way to show young people that it is a potential dream, no matter where you come from, provided you put in the effort,” continues David Côté.

different paths

During his time at the Alma Mater, the 25-year-old made sure to remind the youngsters that there is no one way to reach the highest levels of their sport. “There are as many courses as there are players. There is no secret recipe to becoming a professional.”

Originally a pass catcher, David Côté turned into an accurate shooting player during his time in college. Between his second and third years, he traveled all over the United States to try at several universities, to no avail.

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“I was really disappointed that I couldn’t find a place for myself there, I lost my motivation to play football, he admits. That year, with the support of my family and teammates, I persevered and we finally won the Bol d’Or in the First Division. In the end I am grateful to have experienced these failures at the time. I learned so much from those experiences and made me the person I am today.

The footballers wanted to remind young people that studies are very important to be able to advance in the sport. “The two are inseparable, you can’t go far in football if you don’t put in the effort in school. My desire to go into the CFL always made me put in more effort in the class so that I could continue to practice my passion,” he explains Kicker, who recently earned a bachelor’s degree in physical education.

Confirmation season

David Kott’s first season with Montreal Aloyt exceeded all expectations of the director. Arriving at his first professional training camp without a guaranteed position, the rookie participated in all of his team’s games during the 2021 season. The St. Louis Academy trot scored 32 of the 39 (82.1%) field goals they attempted. , in addition to a good performance in permits.

Despite these unexpected and wonderful first-year player results, the person who lives in the Duberger-Les Saules sector during the recession is not satisfied. “I have had a good season individually, but it has not been successful for the team. I am convinced that we have the team that will go further than last year in the playoffs. For my part, I have worked hard this winter to improve my accuracy and strength. It was a good first season, and now I have to prove I can get better.”

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