David Beckham soon on Netflix, the former footballer will appear in a documentary about his life!

After years of prioritizing the production and distribution of classic cinema content, Netflix is ​​now heading to new heights. With this new momentum, the video-on-demand platform no longer hesitates to produce documentaries dealing with different worlds, especially sports. So it’s no surprise today that English football legend David Beckham will soon be the center of attention for some never-before-seen content from the broadcast network. Information that is already causing ecstasy among fans around the world.

What do we already know about the production that will retrace the career of one of football’s greatest geniuses?

David Beckham is a name that goes unnoticed in very few regions, so the now 47-year-old has managed to wow millions of fans around the world. Because of his talent in football called football in the United States, he would have run more than a legendary stadium, especially during his spells with Manchester United, Real Madrid or Paris Saint-Germain towards the end of his career.

During his golden years as a professional soccer player, he was considered, more than just a soccer player, a true rock star. In 2013, he was a distinguished guest in the White House, received by Michelle Obama to defend his religion in life which is sports and football in particular.

So it’s a summary of a few hours of this journey made of laurels, but also of setbacks such as not being able to win a major trophy with the English selection that will be present in the documentary announced by Netflix. An audiovisual production will cost about $ 20 million, the following description of which has already been posted on the Internet: “The series will revisit his early days in East London, but also his determination that made him one of the most famous athletes of all time.”

Among other things, according to information revealed by the media varietyNot only will David Beckham’s career be discussed in this documentary, but also his private life. A private life in which we find his wife Victoria Beckham, with whom he forms one of the most famous husbands in Great Britain.

However, while this all sounds good, the US video-on-demand platform has yet to announce an official date for this production that promises to cause quite a stir among its subscribers.

Will this documentary be David Beckham’s first involvement in a film production?

As you can imagine, the answer to this question is in the negative. In fact, the man who now owns the football club Inter Miami in the United States, in addition to being accustomed to frequent interviews, participated in quite a few audio-visual productions.

We can mention primarily as references, his presence in two previous documentaries related to him Goal! : a miracle birth And the David Beckham: An Extraordinary LifeBoth were released in 2005.

Also, there is a second appearance for the former attacking midfielder in big box office productions like Very Special Agents: Code UNCLE In 2015 and King Arthur: The Legend of Excalibur in 2017.

A production centered around a footballer, is it the first of its kind on Netflix?

Here, too, the answer is simply no. Long before Netflix announced the David Beckham documentary, the platform had already produced in the past, particularly in 2019, a biographical story about another ex-Manchester United player Carlos Tevez.

Also, at the beginning of this year, Brazilian footballer Neymar got a documentary titled ‘Neymar, the perfect mess’.

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