David Beckham is producing and starring in a Disney + documentary

In this program entitled He saved our team, The famous athlete will help young footballers.

David Beckham collaborates with Disney + to help emerging soccer players. The 45-year-old athlete announced that he would be producing and starring in a documentary series for the broadcast platform The Hollywood Reporter.

authorized He saved our team (“Save our team”)And the This program will be followed by David Beckham, on the grounds of East London, where he played as a child. He will become a mentor to young athletes who are struggling to find a place in this competitive environment. “Beckham and his team will take the players, their coach and their community on a life-changing journey,” a statement said.

“It’s great to work at Save Our Squad and showcase the kind of popular football that I experienced when I was younger, one that gave me so much early in my life in the sport,” David Beckham said in a statement.

Series “sexy, dramatic, inspiring”

“I’ve been fortunate to have a long and successful career playing, and now having the opportunity to give back as a mentor is amazing. The development and growth of young talent is very important. In this sport, it’s great to work with Disney + on this project.”

The show’s executive producer, Shawn Doyle, said in a statement: “This is a great opportunity to show the importance and impact of local football in communities across the UK. .

The release date has not been reported.

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