Darts: Ticol Ticol crowned French singles and doubles champion – Pluméliau-Bieuzy

The French Darts Cup concluded on Sunday evening, after two days of competition. Malguénacois Thibaut Tricol, vice world champion, won two titles.

On Saturday morning, before he joined the goals, players cheered Thibaut Trikol, just back from the UK, where he took the title of Vice World Champion, behind Northern Ireland’s Neil Duff.

Happy with the lights.

To reach the podium on Sunday, the rising star made his way among the contenders, all of whom wanted to salute him. Thibault Tricol, easy-going, unpretentious, greeted the audience. “I’m so happy to be with you. I just got back from the world championships where I collapsed during the final, I was really tired. I am so happy with this spotlight on the world of darts. I don’t deny in any way for the past 40 years we’ve played 41 Coupe de France, But I think for Arrows, it’s now! A real start, a real sport, a real chance for recognition.”

“Beautiful hero”

On Saturday evening, at midnight, Thibaut Tricol won the individual final, thereby winning the title of French Champion. Malguénacois series matches and selfies throughout the day. On Sunday evening, at about 11pm, although some players had left, the crowd was still plenty for the double final. Thibaut Tricole and partner Mehdi Bouji faced Alain Lou Maguire and Kevin Sarrazin, of Blurtweet. The latter is not worthy but had to bend. Tybalt Trikul, winning it all in 2022. “He’s one of the rare players who has managed, and we know the importance of the mind in this sport. He’s a great champion!” says Stephan Koukonandon, Vice President of the Darts Federation.

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