Darmanin strengthens the means to combat immigration between France and the United Kingdom

Mr. / Nice / Faiza bin Mohammed

The French Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, announced this evening, Monday, that France is working to significantly enhance human and material resources with the aim of reducing immigration in the Canal, towards the United Kingdom.

“More than 100 terrain-adapted mobile vehicles such as quads, 4x4s or Zodiacs are being delivered,” he said in a press release.

“These mobile means will add modern and effective night vision devices, thermal cameras, 300 lights, 160 tactical lighting projectors, interception and communications means, effects, and clothing,” he explained.

However, he notes that if about two dozen vehicles have already been delivered, the rest of the orders will arrive in December and the beginning of 2022.

The Home Secretary says he wants to “ensure the protection of human lives for those often in distress” and “to monitor the coast to prevent the departure of makeshift boats to Great Britain and to interrogate smugglers”.

The announcement comes on Sunday, at a demonstration in Paris that gathered hundreds of participants to protest against the treatment of migrants, especially in Calais.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency, Ludovic Holbein, founder of the “Faim aux Frontières” collective, estimated that approximately 2,500 migrants in Calais and the surrounding area struggle to live in makeshift camps.

He added that the French authorities raid the area at regular intervals, evacuate illegal immigrants and throw their belongings and possessions in the trash.

The activist said the mistreatment of illegal immigrants in Calais lasted 30 years.

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