Danone Introduces Baby Milk Tablet in the United Kingdom / Ingredients

This is a breakthrough in the field of baby food: Danon is about to launch a pre-sized baby milk pill in the United Kingdom. Launched this month, it is being marketed exclusively at Boots, the UK’s leading health and beauty retailer, under the Nutricia Uptamil brand.

In short, this innovative form is diluted in a bottle of warm water. “Parents who need to introduce baby formula into baby food are telling us that they are looking for simple and practical ways to make bottles,” explains Gustavo Hiltonbrand, managing director of Danon “Special Nutrition” in the UK and Ireland. This type of product can be used for many major problems: dinner, occasional feeding and feeding outside the home or by a third party.

Expectations reinforced by the epidemic. “We want to support and simplify the lives of parents who feed their children with formula, and especially during this period of imprisonment parents often try to reconcile family and professional life at home under pressure,” says Gustavo Hiltonbrand. These pills also have the benefit of microbial protection. For simplicity, a tablet of powder is similar to a standard spoon of baby milk. This new form comes in a package with 24 sockets, each containing five tablets, making it easy to use on the go. Depending on the success of the product, it will then be sold in other European countries in 2022.

The invention is a joint venture between Donon and the Japanese company Meiji, which holds the production patent (JP 4062357) Has been producing similar products since 2008 and in Asia. Here, the tablets are manufactured at the Danone Baby Dairy Factory in Wexford, Ireland, using the group’s baby formula recipes and Meiji technology. Process ” Cube production technology Comp compresses powdered milk when subjected to low compressed air pressure (2MPa). It is then thoroughly dried, forming a tablet that does not decompose but dissolves easily. Without additives, the pods also have a longer lifespan.

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