Damso and Kalash live from space in their clip “Mallpolis”!

Damso and Clash have just launched their new nickname Malpolis accompanied by a live clip from space.

live from space Damso and Kalash released their new music video Malpolis. Records are likely to rain! MCE TV explains everything from the ground up!

Damso scores rewards

Since the beginning of 2022, Damso has a series of awards of all kinds. And this was his last album QALF Infiniti dated April 2021.

Furthermore it, It’s a track in particular from this album that’s been talked about this summer. And for good reason, complaint Featuring rapper YG Pablo It became a golden song.

This means that The title has more than 15 million streams. That’s what Snape announced, at least. Section !

but that is not all ! his album Epsiti make it into the top 3 One of the best selling Rap Vinyl Films in 2022. And this, While the latter was released in 2017.

In short, even when nothing comes out for a while, Damso is still at the top of the rankings. So imagine what it will look like when he launches new projects.

So, on September 23, 2022, The rapper released a new track. But this time, he’s not alone!

Nor, He was accompanied by rapper Clash that Damso released the title Malpolis. Yes, after five years Mwaka MonThe two rappers finally meet again. This is what makes the fans happy.

all, Accompanied, of course, with a live clip from space. It’s available on YouTube! MCE TV tells you more!

Accompanied by Kalash, the clip sends us into space

One thing is for sure, when Damso and Kalash embark on a project together, They don’t do things in half. In fact, they posted Telephone number on their social networks.

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The most curious of those who contacted him came across a message that was surprising to say the least. “Hi, hey, don’t we say hi?” you are rude. Press 1 to dismiss it »you can hear.

Once the button is pressed, An excerpt of new music has been played. But here’s the piece on September 23, 2022 Malpolis The clip was finally taken out.

Result: it’s a full box. In less than ten hours The clip is already the top 2 trending on YouTube with 230,000 views.

And for good reason, from the first seconds of the clip, Our rapper is flying in space. On the list: rocket, diving suit and space suits.

Thus, in light of this success, Damsu was forced to respond. “I want to attend a free concert What I would call LeNwaarShow, small venue, all bands”It is to explain.

Before proceeding: “Yes indeed, this is talking to me, free concert to thank you. I saw enthusiasm today, it affected me. I will get it “.

That was enough to get the crowd excited. The sequel to Keeping Up with Moon Visually. Joint album We Are Ready »One fan explained. “Solid block. Especially with an ipseity-inspired tune. unbelievable “Another admitted.

Anyway, even if they are “too rude”And the We can say they have some nice surprises in store for us. So it is a case to follow!

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