Daily covet cases in the UK increase by 44,985

The UK’s COVID cases rose to nearly 45,000 on Saturday, the highest jump in 14 weeks, as experts warn of a Christmas lockout.

A further 44,985 people have been tested positive for the disease, bringing the total number of infections since the outbreak to 8,734,934.

There have been 135 deaths reported in the UK, bringing the total number of Govt victims now to 139,461.

The increase in cases today was a positive test of 54,674 on a Saturday from July 17th.

Yesterday the cases increased to 49,298 and 180 deaths were reported.

The increase in the number of cases has raised fears of another lock on the cards.

The brilliant scientist Professor Peter O’Brien has warned that there will be a nationwide strike over the holidays if no action is taken.

He told BBC Breakfast: “I’m very worried we’ll have another lock Christmas if we do not act soon.

“With public health measures in place, we know it’s time to act immediately. There is no point in procrastinating.

“We all really want a wonderful family Christmas where we can all get together.

“If this is what we want, we need to take these steps now to reduce exchange rates so that we can see each other at Christmas.”

Experts’ current mortality rates are “unacceptable” and urge Britain to return to work from home.

His demand was echoed in a joint statement by unions including TUC, Usdaw, Unison, Unite, GMB and Aslef.

Boris Johnson yesterday vowed to ‘control what we do’ to curb the rise of Govt cases, but insisted the whole lock was ‘not on the cards’.

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The Prime Minister stressed that Britain should be more ‘vigilant’ and resume wearing the mask with caution against the spread of epidemics.

On Thursday the daily Govt cases crossed 50,000 in three months and 52,009 people tested positive.

July 17, 54,674 new cases were reported as the last daily infections crossed the severe milestone.

Boris said: “Our fall and winter plan has always predicted that cases will increase now. We certainly look at the numbers.

“We see high levels of infection, but they are not predictable or beyond the criteria we thought we would see.

“But it is very important that people follow the advice on common behavior with caution.”

SAGE scientist warns of another ‘Christmas lock’

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