Cyril Guersant reveals EP Breath of the Deep

How to see the EP Deep breathing Now that it’s over and are you satisfied with it?
Hope I am satisfied someday! At the moment, however, dissatisfaction remains my driving force. I am proud and happy to have reached the end of this cycle, from this first disc which is my first attempt and step in a stirrup. But I believe in the power of perfect songs and at the moment I don’t feel like I’ve written any of them or even know how to write them, so I’m back at the workbench and I’ll do it until this type of song comes along!

What memories do you have from your meeting with sweatshirt man Bob Brozeman?
A short encounter but impressive for the teen I was. Little time, but the words that were of great significance. Bob Brozman relied on blues and folk music. Il m’a expliqué partir de cette musique non pas par ce qu’elle était Américaine, mais par ce qu’elle avait quelque chose d’universel, par ce que cette musique s’était crée par la rencontre des peuples qui ont émigrés aux United State. Use it as “primary” music, meaning “primary” because it contains other parts and pieces of music. Thanks to her, he managed to make records with musicians from all over the world, and was always able to communicate musically in a few minutes thanks to common points. He advised me to follow the same path, as I have always believed in this rule and this combination ever since. Even if circumstances since his death have inundated him with deeds which I clearly cannot defend, I can never deny that his meeting is the starting point of my musical notions, the torch that carried them.

What do you like about the French song and how do you see its lyrics?
Mother tongue is the highway for emotions! I like songs in general, songs from all countries, all languages. I always have a lot of affection when I discover the work of a songwriter singing in his native language. So I decided to do the same: sing in French because as a child, I would swing a lot in the evenings while singing.Happiness a littleBy Félix Leclerc. So, with this memory, I fell again into fate.

Tell us about the address Lights and petrol And its clip …
First syllable climbing Directed by Victor Halvin, he is a very talented director. This second clip is homemade, Single-player (Very Hobbyist) director! It basically consists of archive footage that I have managed to capture, almost completely unused Hollywood from 1930 to 1970. As the song evokes the night, the party and the illusion some feel in front of the crowd, to the mass events … I found the inspiration from ‘ The Roaring Twenties “in Hollywood highlights this paradox of festivity at any cost, and the superficiality that some loners feel in the face of it all. Inspired a little by the mental images that Philip Murray raised with “Homo Festivus Festivus”, the least harsh criticism was at home because I understand some people need it and I respect it! This song has a double readability and I hope the pictures help with this understanding.

What would you like to say to the contributors who have supported you on this project?
Thanks again ! It is very difficult to proceed without the means, and cultural works are not free to produce despite what some think. This time, I had the means and this is thanks to those who believed in this project, so I thank them again.

Did the “auspicious bird” save you from “breathing in the depths” and wondering “which floor?” ?
Hahaha, thank you for trying to echo the metaphors that invaded my songs! Yes, fortunately I have an auspicious bird like the one in the song. “Deep breath” is the breath of childhood and “my bird” helped me shower with this innocence instead of moving away from it! I wouldn’t have started this recording without him (or rather she), which is why this song was dedicated to him.

The concerts have suffered a major one-year hiatus with Covid-19. Not too disappointed to not be able to perform this album on stage?
I’ve been doing some concerts since the start of the project, and I’ve been counting on launching this record to learn … this other side of the songwriting profession. I make use of all the time it gives me to write new songs and I have a lot more to offer than the recorded ones. I also take this opportunity to improve my vocals and the way I would like to use my voice in the future … to understand all this that is really new to me.

Thanks to Cyril Guersant for answering our questions!
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