Cyber ​​attack on Massachusetts Ferry Company

(New York) A Massachusetts ferry company said Wednesday that it, in turn, was the target of a cyber attack that disrupted its reservation system.

France media agency

The Steamship Authority, which operates ferries from Cape Cod to the Nantucket Islands and Martha’s Vineyard several times a day – popular destinations for summer tourists – tweeted that “it was the target of a ransomware attack affecting Wednesday morning operations.”

After some delays, the ferries were able to resume their usual schedules “without affecting safety,” according to the company, but its website and online reservations system remained down on Wednesday evening.

“Customers are still unable to book or change online or by phone, and cash payment is recommended,” she said on her Twitter account, and the disruption is expected to continue “on Thursday.”

The company said it was working “internally and with state and federal authorities” – including the FBI – to determine the origins of the attack.

“At this point, we can’t give details of what happened,” she added.

Upon contact, the FBI in Boston was not immediately reachable.

Several major US-based companies have been subjected to cyber-attacks in recent weeks.

Global meat giant JBS discovered on Sunday that many of the servers on which its computer system relies in North America and Australia were the target of a ransomware attack, which it attributed to a “most likely criminal organization. Based in Russia.”

A similar attack had already targeted the operator of a huge US oil pipeline, Colonial Pipeline, in early May.

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US President Joe Biden said Wednesday that he does not rule out possible retaliation against Russia.

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