Curious Sharks Meet Divers (Video)

The better There should be no fear of Sharks When diving on the Pembrokeshire side ! The aquatic life of this Wales district is very extensive and includes a wide variety of sharks. A boat rental company offers its customers to enjoy the ultimate comfort by creating them Swim with them.

Snorkeling with sharks

Pembrokeshire Boat Charters is a boat rental company run by lovers of the sea. Based in Milford Haven, South Wales, it caters to the most adventurous, especially Snorkeling sixty kilometers from the beach, Where you can find lots of animals.

In these animals, so be it Blue sharks that can be found under certain conditions : The right time, the best weather, the best place … as well as good luck.

Last week, all the stars were aligned for the Divers team.

Filmed meeting

On Friday 27 August, customers of Pembrokeshire Fleet Swords completed Make their encounter with a group of small shy sharks indestructible. Inspired by the bait, the blue sharks gradually approached the swimmers, and these men did not look like their usual neighbors.

Of course, Everything has been done for the safety of the divers : None of them were injured and the sharks did not appear aggressive.

Finally, according to the managers of Pembrokeshire boat charters, the aquatic life of the Celtic Sea is dense and rarely taken away by a school Dolphins When traveling on this water!

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