Culthurel of Lons-le-Saunier: What is this associative space?

The participants of the “1000 Terminals” project, for example, were a few weeks ago in Culthurel to present their project there. (© Jura Archive Audio)

For some time now local Thorell Quayto me louis le saunierby its owner to spring group and member associations. Patrick Gash Known, among other things, for his presidency for several years entertainment For his tastes live theater. “After many exchanges, I came up with an idea to make this former workshop available to many local artists and associations,” he says.

For this, he had to roll up his sleeves and the sleeves of a few volunteers to carry out the development work on this place she previously ran Mr. Thistlea locksmith, is still remembered by the ancient Lydonians.

It is so named because of the road that serves it, and today it is used for artists’ residences, including Class colors where is the Little Mountains Theater And for the needs of different associations, without being dedicated to a particular use.

Due to his location, Patrick Gachi also specifies that he is excluded from composing music there. Its users must rely on the resort’s member associations, but also pay an individual contribution to the group, first for insurance issues but also in order to share in operating costs.

future developments

Today the owner is faced with the issue of requesting a license as a facility open to the public, as well as accessibility for people with limited mobility, which may involve some additional investment, but in return the possibility of accommodating more people.

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What to discuss at the next resort meeting, especially since there is still some improvement work to be done and the owner would like to revive this workshop, referring to Father Chardon, its former user.

If we should know more in a few weeks, when we point out Patrick Gatchi on the importance of nepotism work, he immediately replies: “Of course I’m enjoying myself a bit, but a good part of these improvements improve my build.”

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