Creative outings on Saturday Elle, a meeting place for citizens and artists

These co-creation activities were organized as part of the Escale Musicale program for the city of Sept-Îles, to allow the citizens of the municipality to create with local artists.

Pascal Bony, general manager of the artist-run Panache Centre, explains that the workshops target all age groups. We really invite all people to come and participate, to try to get creative with us, she begs.

Managing Director of Panache, Art Today, Pascal Bony (archive)

Photo: Radio Canada / Marc Antoine Magou

She adds that workshops take place in different locations in September to reach out to different neighborhoods of the city.

We have really tried to organize the activities so that young children, teens, parents and even grandparents can do something.

Quote from:Pascal Bony, Executive Director of the Panache Center for Artists Sept-El

The two workshops planned over the next two weeks are a joint workshop with professional sculpting artist from Sepetel, Michel Lefort, as well as a collaborative drawing activity in the style of a cool corpse.

All participants do part of the drawing without necessarily seeing other people’s drawings, so it always gives a little bit of shine, a slightly extraordinary resultPascal Bony explains.

We are sharing techniques that are used by professional artists, but it is very simple, and really fun to try as well, hence it can be accessed easily by people.

Quote from:Pascal Bony, Executive Director of the Panache Center for Artists Sept-El

The General Manager is pleased to have attended the citizens’ weaving and origami workshops over the past two weeks.

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