Creative Expression Space – Condat-en-Combraille (63380)

As part of the PIC (Project Initiative and Communication), a quartet of students, one from the municipality, chose to build a space for expression, innovative and environmental. Maxime Mouton, two-year student
BTS ACSE (Analysis, Management and Strategy of an Agricultural Company) at Ahunet Agricultural High School, and his classmates Alexis Henrard, Jérémy Ledieu and Suncho Le Cam reflected on the changes in society imposed by Covid-19.

The aim of the project started is to provide assistance, within the school, to those who feel the need to express themselves about their problems. It is difficult to express the deep dismay at the pandemic, which affects many high school and college students: distance learning at times presents the most vulnerable with real difficulties in pursuing their studies, with the risk of causing school dropouts. Cases of distress, previously rare, are becoming common.

So the high school students had the idea for a “whisper hut,” which consists of recycled lawn in an open space that includes a “secret box” set on a pallet. This jar (a box of wooden bottles) is available for high school students to include copies of their problems. They write their impressions, their reflections on paper, in the form of writing or illustration, to translate what they would like to change. Exchange times are also planned.

The union, the mutual help, the outstretched hand, the attentive ear available to all are what motivated the students in their project, to help all the students who are facing difficulties in fighting the distress and suffering that sometimes seems insurmountable. “We all have a duty and authority to act,” they say through their creativity.

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