Create a Social Life Advisory Committee at Grand-Champ – Grand Champ

The municipality participates in many social measures that affect the family in all its components, from the smallest to the oldest, by promoting intergenerational meetings and projects. Since May 2018, Grand-Champ has committed to creating a Social Living Space (EVS).

As such, the Family Allowance Fund (Caf) has funded the project manager position and operating costs up to a ceiling of € 21,938. The aim was to structure the process in order to achieve its EVS classification in September 2019. The renewal of the agreement between 2019 and 2020 allowed for the improvement of the project and the launch of a large number of measures, with the Villa Grégam on hand but also from the La Parcelle communal garden. With the health privacy in mind for 2020, the Café enforced a new EVS approval.

External organizations associated with this committee

In order to ensure that families who prefer the residents’ participation in local life are consulted, a Social Life Advisory Committee space has been created. Yves Blanven (Chair), Francoise Bouché Bellon, Sophie Bijoux, Julian Evino and Dominique Le Muir are the elected members. Associated with this advisory committee will be, upon invitation and according to the agenda, competent external bodies such as Caf du Morbihan, Familles Rurales, Golfe Morbihan Vannes agglomeration (GMVA), representatives of students’ parents, and representatives of sports and culture. And social associations. The relevant municipal officials will also participate in this committee.

This local administration will have to identify the challenges of social revitalization and propose a multi-year plan of action that meets the needs of the population and strengthens social bonds.

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