Create 2023 Announcements Microsoft is showcasing the new capabilities and features available to improve Office applications

The Microsoft 365 ecosystem is growing rapidly, and the number of additional solutions for Office applications continues to grow. Microsoft values ​​your feedback and is committed to providing new capabilities to help you create more powerful integrations with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. In this blog, the new capabilities and features available will allow you to further improve your Office solutions.

Word 1.5 JavaScript API requirements

The Word 1.5 JavaScript API Requirement Set is being released to production! These new APIs simplify important scenarios such as citation management, document collection, and more. In addition, the APIs also provide performance improvements in Word over the functionality available using the OOXML APIs.

These APIs extend and enrich the following areas.

  • Insert file content in Base64 format and keep original settings for footnote, endnote, page border, style, watermark, track changes, etc. Use these APIs to import a rich format template, create content, etc.
  • Import styles from other files and apply them to the current working document. Use these APIs to store company-defined or self-defined styles in documents and reuse them when needed.
  • Manage footnotes and endnotes.
  • Manage four types of fields on different platforms: ADDIN, DATE, HYPERLINK, and TOC.
  • Save and close a document.
  • Trigger events when data is added, deleted, entered, left, or modified, or rich text content controls are selected. Through these events, add-ons can provide a more interactive experience for end users. For example, displaying different content to users as they move through rich text content controls.
  • Plain text content controls are supported on all platforms. You can now add, update, or remove plain text content controls.

With Word API 1.5, many usage scenarios can be improved or unlocked. For example, the citation management script is now unlocked with support for field, footnote/endnote, and content controls. Compiling documents is much easier with support for styles, file insertion, fields, and content controls.

Support for add-ins in the new Outlook on Windows

Every year, Microsoft strives to provide the features you need to enhance your Outlook add-ons and enable experiences you’ve never had before. With the preview of the new Outlook client on Windows, there are initiatives underway to ensure seamless integration of your add-in solutions.

The new Outlook desktop client in Windows Preview unifies the Outlook experience across all platforms into a single web-based database. This creates a beautiful, modern interface that provides a more consistent user experience with faster access to feature updates.

Already have an Outlook on the web add-in? Microsoft invites you Give it a try in the new Outlook on Windows client and provide feedback about your experience to the developer community.

Since the new Outlook on Windows web-based client, VSTO and COM add-ins are not supported. Currently some scenarios can only be implemented using VSTO and COM add-ins. To help you plan and evolve your existing solution into a web add-on, this gap is being filled and web add-on support for these scenarios is being developed. This will allow users to continue using the new Outlook add-in solution on the Windows client.

PO 1.13 JavaScript API requirements

As part of an effort to bridge the gap between scenarios supported only by VSTO and COM add-ins, Microsoft is pleased to announce that some of these features are now available in Outlook on Windows and on the web with Mailbox version 1.13.

  • Identify personal signatures with OnMessageFromChanged and OnAppointmentFromChanged events. By adding these events to the event-based activation feature, the add-on can update the signature when the sender’s account changes.
  • Schedule messages to be sent at a later date, even when the Outlook client is closed, using a fileAPI delivery time.
  • Activate your add-on and perform operations on several selected messages at once using a file Multiple selection of items. You can now perform certain operations with a single click, such as uploading emails to your CRM system or sorting items in your inbox.
  • Activate your add-in even if the reading pane is not activated or if no messages are selected in the mailbox by configuring the item SupportNoItemContext in your statement. Enable users to access content from various data sources, such as SharePoint or OneDrive, directly from their Outlook client.
  • Automatically set up marketing headers and legal notices for a message when it is sent thanks to a function Submit pre-publication.
  • Implement data loss prevention solutions throughLabel Sensitivity API. Using this API, it is possible to develop an add-on for mapping and validating a mail’s allergy label to ensure it is only shared with authorized stakeholders. This feature also advances the event OnSensitivityLabelChangedso that the add-on can automatically detect changes to the sensitivity label and take the required action.
  • Enable an add-in in shared mailbox scenarios by configuring the add-in Supports shared folders in your statement.

The example scenarios shown for each feature provide an overview of what the add-on can achieve. With these new features, the possibilities for addressing other use cases are endless. Unlock these capabilities in an Outlook add-in with Mailbox 1.13 today!

Discover the new features of Outlook mobile add-ins

Microsoft continues to improve the Outlook add-in experience on all platforms and is excited to share new capabilities coming to Outlook on Android and iOS. So you can empower your users to do more with Outlook mobile add-ins.

  • Never miss meeting notes again! Enable your add-on to save appointment notes and other meeting details directly to an external system, such as a CRM or note-taking app. With this feature your add-on will be enabled in the appointment reading deck and a save button will be implemented. For how to implement this feature, see Record appointment notes in an external app in the Outlook mobile add-in.
  • to supportevent-based activation To extend Outlook mobile, starting with the OnNewMessageCompose event. Stay tuned for more information on this feature in the coming months!

Excel 1.17 JavaScript API package

Excel is the ultimate decision making tool. Add-ins extend Excel’s analysis, calculation, and data visualization capabilities. Existing add-ons are enjoying tremendous success, and many of the new add-ons aim to bring the power of artificial intelligence to users. Microsoft has over 2,000 APIs for Excel, and has added a few that allow your add-ins to use conditional formatting and handle changes to spreadsheet properties. The Excel 1.17 API requirements set includes several new ways to set rules for conditional formatting and worksheet events:

  • Additional APIs Edit conditional formatting rules It allows you to set different types of conditional formatting rule such as cell value, color scale, text comparison, etc. You can also remove formatting properties from a conditional formatting rule using the API clearFormat().
  • APIs fromSpreadsheet events Allows you to monitor changes in the worksheet’s name, visibility, and position. You can customize the action of your add-on based on these events.

source : Microsoft

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