Crazy rumor about the departure of Real Madrid who might consider joining another league

According to the Catalan daily Mundo Deportivo, Real Madrid is fed up with the current conflicts with LaLiga and its president Javier Tebas. The club led by Florentino Perez is said to be considering the option of joining another major European league, with the Premier League favored.

The Spanish football crisis continues. According to information released today, Saturday, by the Catalan daily Sports WorldReal Madrid may simply consider leaving La Liga in the long term. After several weeks of trying the European Premier League, Merengue club was studying the possibility of joining another European championship.

In a question: Real Madrid leaders think that Javier Tebas, the president of La Liga, is an obstacle. Florentino Perez was already favoring a future destination: the Premier League. The Real Madrid president also took information from the Italian Serie A and the German Bundesliga.

Legal complications of joining the English Premier League

In addition to staunchly opposing Tebas in the Premier League project, Real Madrid now also finds itself in a complicated situation with the agreement reached by Spanish professional clubs with the CVC investment fund. But Real Madrid, Barcelona or Athletic Bilbao did not sign this economic aid to the teams, allowing the debts to be paid. Perez discovered the existence of this agreement without consulting him before.

In the context of this conflict, Real Madrid may consider leaving. In the corridors of the Bernabeu, the Premier League appears to be the best fit for this fresh start. The international extension of Real Madrid will remain, according to its leaders, with the English championship. However, it will be very difficult to join the Premier League in the period of Brexit, as the United Kingdom has left the European Union. There are many legal complications ahead.

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If it is clear that the project will not see the light of day this season, then the hypothesis is on the table for the coming years, also depending on the development of the Spanish championship, which signed a historic agreement with an investment fund. Meanwhile, without Zinedine Zidane and Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid will resume La Liga on Saturday, with Carlo Ancelotti on the bench, to travel to Alaves.

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