Crazy match among many others…

By crossing the home plate 28 times against the Boston Red Sox on Friday night at Fenway Park, the Toronto Blue Jays broke their team’s record for most points scored in a game. This result comes on top of a number of insane games that have been played over the years in Major League Baseball, some of which have been made into this century.

Brave takes on the Marlins

On September 9, 2020, less than two years ago, the Atlanta Braves defeated the Miami Marlins by 29 to 9. Since the Braves were at their home, Troist Park, they scored 29 in eight in attack. . Club Atlanta set the tone, from the second set, with an 11-point lead. Adam Duvall was the big hero in this meeting, thanks to three home runs and nine RBIs.

The 1930s for Rangers

In 2007, on August 22 in Baltimore, the Texas Rangers reached a 30-point plateau against the Orioles. Oddly enough, the Texans were eliminated in five of their nine offensive innings. But Rangers scored nine runs in the sixth inning and 10 runs in the eighth, among other things. The team led by coach Ron Washington added six games to the top of the ninth place. Final score: 30 to 3.

Some highlights…

In addition to scoring 28 runs, the Blue Jays netted a record 29 goals Friday night against the Red Sox. Lourdes Gurriel Jr. Toronto team six games at home. Rimmel Tapia, particularly with the Grand Slam on the field, produced for his part six points, as did receiver Danny Janssen. The notorious Vladimir Guerrero Jr. hit a two-stroke in a four-man official at the bat before being replaced by Zach Collins.

Historically, a game played between the Chicago Colts and Louisville Colonels in 1897 ended 36-7 in favor of the Colts. This will be the last record in major league history in the United States.

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