Crawls. Espace Paul Jargott is hosting Fezaz for a small concert this Thursday

The final open stage of the 2022-2023 season will once again allow you to discover unexpected talents and enjoy a fun and friendly evening. To conclude these exceptional moments, the Fazzaz duo will present a small concert tinged with rock music, beautiful blues melodies and trance rhythms. Fezaz brings the warmth of Morocco, lively and contemporary repertoire to savor.

Born from an encounter between Leo Fabre-Cartier, a French musician who has lived in Morocco since 2012, and Guillaume Storche, who has been privately trained during multiple stays in the Maghreb, Fezaz immerses himself in Amazigh, Berber and North African music. Intoxicating melodies present a variety of styles depending on the region. Berber culture is very rich, but the main instruments used are the bandir (frame drum called alon in Berber language), imzad (mono-violin), tamja (oblique flute) or azamar (double clarinet), which interspersed with songs and dances accompanied by rich Berber poetry.

The stage is open on Thursday, March 16th at 7:30 PM in the bar area. Free entry to the public. Information:

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