Crash Team Rumble, the franchise’s first multiplayer game, is coming next year

Crash Team Rumble, a new Crash Bandicoot, online multiplayer game. A nervous game, 4v4, very promising.

As licenses go through the years and decades, they must ask themselves the question of their evolution. Technologies, game mechanics, stories, everything has to be taken into consideration and discussed. You have to meet the expectations of the fans while offering updated games. The multiplayer component, for example, is very recent. And it will be Great first for the privilege Bandicoot Crash Next year.

Crash Rumble teamCrash Bandicoot, a new online multiplayer game

In fact, it is a multiplayer online game Bandicoot Crash In preparation. to be more precise, Crash Rumble team It is a MOBA game for teams of 4 players. It will be available on PS5, PS4, and Xbox Xbox X| S and Xbox One. This title, which will be compatible with the platform, will arrive during 2023.

in Crash Rumble team, so you’ll need to team up with three teammates to collect fruit in the drop zone while trying to stop the opposing team from doing the same. You can play in a variety of arenas and choose from a variety of characters, including Crash and Tawna Bandicoot, of course, or choose villains like Doctor Neo Cortex and Dingodile (among others). As usual, each character has special powers, personality and play style.

A nervous game, 4v4, very promising

Activision owns the license Bandicoot Crash Since Universal Interactive became a producer of Vivendi Games before merging with Activision in 2007. Toys for Bob is developing this new multiplayer game after working on the hugely successful game Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s about time. original developer, obedient doghas not been involved in the series since its PlayStation exclusive designs in the late 1990s.

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