Cracks reported on the International Space Station

FRI, Sep 3, 2021 1:55 p.m. – These have been identified in the Zarya unit, the oldest at the station.

With less than three years after its supposed end of activity, cracks have been identified on the International Space Station (ISS). These are the tenants of the International Space Station who noticed this in the fuselage of the Zarya module, which was launched into space more than 20 years ago.

worrying situation

According to the chief engineer of Russia’s Energia, Vladimir Solovyov, the discovery is worrisome since there is a risk of it spreading further and endangering the safety of the station’s residents. It should be noted that at least 80% of the flight systems of the Russian part of the International Space Station have passed their expiration date.

The chief engineer, who is also a former cosmonaut, said shallow cracks were found in the Russian cargo unit Zarya.

aging structure

Inaugurated in November 1998, the International Space Station has been showing signs of aging in recent years, and has been the subject of multiple works to increase its life expectancy. Among other things, in the fall of 2020, station residents were finally able to determine the source of the air leak, which has persisted … since September 2019. If at first the leak was minimal and the astronauts also did not worry. Its increase in August 2020 prompted them to ramp up their research.

Normally, the International Space Station should continue its activities until 2024. However, several space agencies, including NASA, have indicated that they want to extend their presence on board beyond this date.

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