Covit-19 | Crossed the milestone of 800,000 deaths in Europe


France Media Agency

The 52 countries and territories in the region (including Russia and Turkey) reported a total of 800,361 deaths (35,395,270 reported), Latin America and the Caribbean (635,834 deaths, 20,021,361 cases), the United States / Canada (502064, 28 312 719), and Asia (247 730). , 15 641 940).

Last week, the region reported an average of 4,478 deaths per day, down 14% from the previous week. Since November 11, at least 4,000 deaths have been reported every day in the region, averaging even 5,700 deaths by the end of January, a record since the outbreak began.

Over the past month, the trend of pollution in Europe has fallen sharply. If the curve of the average of daily deaths also declines, the dynamic will remain the same when placed at long intervals.

In fact, since the beginning of November, 100,000 deaths have been recorded every 20 days. The entry of half a million deaths was passed on December 17, 600,000 on January 7, and then 700,000 on January 25.

Of the 4,027,106 cases, the United Kingdom with 116,908 deaths, Italy (2,697,296 contaminants) with 93,045 deaths, France (81,488, 3,427,386), Russia (79,966,4,057,698) and Spain (64,747,3,056,035) were the most affected in Europe.

In terms of population, the most affected country is Belgium, with 186 deaths per 100,000 population, followed by Slovenia (178), the United Kingdom (171), the Czech Republic (169) and Italy (154).

Mortality figures are based on daily reports by health officials in each country, and as in Russia, the United Kingdom, Uni and Spain exclude post-corrections made by statistical systems based on excessive mortality surveys.

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Worldwide, COVID-19 has caused 2.38 million deaths since the outbreak in December 2019.

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