Covit-19 | Canadians exempt from UK isolation

(London) The British government on Thursday announced an exemption from isolation for travelers from Canada.

From 11pm (Quebec time), Canada, Denmark, Finland, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Switzerland and the Azores will be added to the green list of countries established by the government because the risk of traveling from these countries leads to public health, the UK said.

No isolation, but two PCR tests

Sure, this means that travelers from these countries do not have to pay attention to isolation when they come to the UK. However, they must perform a test within three days of their departure and two days after their arrival.

Thailand and Montenegro have been added to the red list since Monday, and due to “an increase in cases” and “low levels of genetic surveillance” in these two countries, variants that could be more easily “identified” than other countries could not be identified.

The move, which includes a ban on entry from these countries, does not apply to British and Irish nationals or people living in the United Kingdom. The hotel, at their own expense, charges a check before they depart and two checks after they arrive.

The epidemic has killed more than 132,000 people in the United Kingdom, where about 30,000 new infections are recorded every day.

The rules set by the UK government apply only to the UK, but local governments in other parts of the UK (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) generally follow the same steps.

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