Covid: The United States in a forced march to reopen

Spring is back in the United States. On the calendar, but also in the mind. One year after the onset of the epidemic, announcements of action and deregulation are on the rise in the country. To that extent, Joe Biden now speaks of July 4, the national holiday as a celebration of “freedom from the virus.”

In New York, the centerpiece of last year’s Govt-19, vaccinated people began offering night invitations and restaurants could fill their rooms by up to 50% this week – they closed in early February – and even up to 75% in other parts of New York State. Theaters reopened ten days ago. Theaters (up to a maximum of 100 people, or even 150 people with a formal Govt test) and theaters have resumed minimal activity, with strict health regulations and assistance limited to 15%.

Tickets with Govt check

Many game owners offer tickets at the entrance, including a mandatory Govt check. An application has been developed which acts as a kind of passport: the user can store the results of his experiments there so that he can enter the entertainment areas. Although exemptions can be granted on a case-by-case basis for interim shows, only Broadway is closed at this time.

In California, theme parks may reopen on April 1st. In Texas, bars and restaurants are filling up. The government has even put an end to the mandatory wearing of masks, which is a highly controversial move and aims to reopen 100% soon …

Hope was regained

These reopens are revitalizing the service sector, which is being heavily penalized by the epidemic. Hotels, restaurants, air carriers were very weak and the losses were substantial. Purchasing power can respond to the offer. With the largest 9 1.9 trillion stimulus package signed by Joe Biden on Thursday, most Americans will begin receiving checks (4,400 per person).

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While consumer confidence has already improved significantly in early March, according to a University of Michigan survey, what supports their morale. Their savings rate has already been raised by the previous $ 900 billion plan voted on at the end of December.

Under pressure from parents, mayors and the White House, schools are gradually reopening their doors everywhere. One in four students now receive only a distance education, compared to one-third at the beginning of the year, According to the website . In New York, the mayor removed the head of education and appointed a principal to reopen schools in his place.

In Los Angeles, an agreement was reached with the Head Teachers Association to reopen the doors of schools from mid-April. And states like Nevada are gradually adjusting the bar, reducing the distance between students from 2 to 1 meter, bringing more children back to class.

Back to offices

Some companies are starting to plan to return to the office. Citibank has introduced a home govt testing program for its employees. Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon is impatient to bring his staff back to the Manhattan Business District.

As a sign of the current normalization, even the most cautious Biden administration is embarking on an international journey. Special Envoy for Climate Change John Kerry has been in Europe in recent days, and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is in Korea and Japan earlier this week.

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