Covid: The United Kingdom is providing 20 million additional vaccines for the Kovacs device

Ten million more Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines have been shipped from the UK to the international Covax device, while another 10 million will be delivered in the coming weeks, Downing Street announced Saturday.

Thanks to these donations, 30.6 million doses of the Oxford-AZ vaccine will be given to people in need by 2021, according to a statement from the Office of the Prime Minister.

By 2022, the UK will give at least 20 million additional doses of the same vaccine. “That is, we value half of our commitment to countries in need,” the same source says.

The UK will also supply 20 million Janssen doses ordered by the government for the device, as it wants to meet national requirements for the booster program through mRNA and Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccines.

“Thus, the United Kingdom has clarified how 70% of the 100 million vaccines promised to those in need have been delivered or will be provided,” the same source said.

Providing those details as quickly as possible will enable the Kovacs mechanism to schedule and deliver dose delivery more efficiently, ensuring that vaccines are available to those most in need, the report said.

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