Covid: Pope defends vaccines, attacks “unfounded information”

Today, Monday, Pope Francis called on the international community to “continue efforts” for vaccination, believing that the epidemic imposes a “realistic remedy” in the face of the spread of “unfounded information”.

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“It is important to continue efforts to immunize the population as much as possible. This requires a multiple commitment at the personal and political level and at the level of the entire international community,” His Majesty the Pontiff declared Monday morning during his pledges to the diplomatic corps, wishing that “the entire population of the world will have equal access to services Basic Medical. Care and Vaccines.”

“Health care is a moral imperative. Unfortunately, we see more and more that we live in a world of powerful ideological contradictions. We often allow ourselves to be conditioned by the ideology of the moment, which is often based on unfounded information or poorly documented facts.”

“Any ideological assertion cuts off the links of the human mind with the objective reality of things. The pandemic, on the contrary, imposes on us precisely a kind of “realistic treatment” that requires facing the problem and adopting appropriate solutions to solve it.”

According to the Pope, “Vaccines are not magical tools for recovery, but they certainly represent, in addition to therapies to be developed, the most reasonable solution to prevent disease.”

The 85-year-old Argentine pope has repeatedly taken a stand in favor of vaccination, calling it an “act of love”.

“Ideological colonialism” and “the abolition of culture”

In addition, Pope Francis criticized, on Monday, the ongoing “ideological colonization” in some public institutions, considering it an expression of “the abolition of culture.”

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“In the name of protecting diversity, we end up erasing the meaning of any identity,” His Majesty the Pontiff stated in his speech on the occasion of Promises to the Diplomatic Corps.

He regretted, “We are witnessing the development of a single thought that is compelled to deny history, or even rewrite it on the basis of contemporary sayings, while any historical situation must be interpreted according to the interpretations of the times.”

“I think this is a form of ideological colonization that leaves no room for freedom of expression and which today increasingly takes the form of ‘abolition of culture’ (the culture of erasure) invading many regions and public institutions,” he lamented again, noting “the agendas that It is increasingly dictated by a way of thinking that denies the natural foundations of humanity and the cultural roots that constitute “the identity of many peoples”.

According to the head of the Catholic Church, this tends to “silence positions that defend a respectful and balanced idea of ​​various sensibilities.”

In December, the Argentine Pope was already conveyed by an internal document from the European Commission recommending avoiding the use of the word “Christmas”, considering it an “anachronism” resulting from “diluted secularism”.

The Pope’s words also seem to refer to the controversy that has arisen in Europe and the United States over the dismantling of statues of historical figures due to their colonial past.

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