Covid, mosquito bites, heat stroke… these little summer ‘popos’ that can spoil the holidays

Sunburns, insect bites, fungal infections … How can you best treat and prevent these little diseases? An experienced doctor on the coast of Biterrois gives us his advice.

Vacations can sometimes turn into a nightmare and make you forget about dreaded toes and a lazy mind. Here, with a doctor training on the coast, an overview of major summer sores, capable of holiday rot.

1. Bite life

Snake is a fish with a poisonous backbone. She buried herself in the sand, leaving only her terrible needles! Neighborhood does not attack. But it is enough to walk or put your hand on it to feel severe pain. It is therefore recommended to get out of the water as quickly as possible: “The bitten part should be immediately placed on the hot sand of the beach because after 40° to 45°, the poison is neutralized, The doctor explains. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes for the pain to go away. It is also possible to soak a foot or hand in hot water. Then a small disinfection is made at the site of the bite. You can also take a little paracetamol if the pain persists. Wearing proper shoes for walking in the water may be enough to protect yourself from potential stings.

2. Sea urchin spines

Sea urchins live on rocky bottoms. They are found on dams and breakwaters. It can happen, inadvertently, to plant thistles by touching them. It is not profitable to extract it: “I recommend applying numbing cream. Then you start with hard work because you have to gently remove the thorns with a needle”, Confirm to the doctor.

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3. Mosquito bites

It may seem unreasonable, but insect bites and especially mosquitoes can be horrific: “The best reaction is to disinfect and apply a little cream containing cortisone. Above all, do not itch because the sting can become infected. In some serious cases, it is necessary to resort to ‘antibiotics’.”

In the evening, when the mosquitoes come down, we try to stay covered to a minimum!

4. Jellyfish sting

The filaments of some jellyfish are very stinging. When you contact them, you feel severe burns. It is important not to rub the area at risk of worsening pain: “You have to cleanse gently with antihistamines and if there is itching, apply an anti-burn cream.”

5. Risk of sunburn

It is of course recommended to avoid exposure to the sun without proper clothing or sunscreen protection. For the risk of getting a sunburn and ending up with a first or even second degree burn: “If there are no blisters, we apply an anti-burn cream and take paracetamol for the pain. If there are bubbles (blisters), we consult without delay!”

6. Beware of heat stroke

In case of heat stroke, it is recommended to rest, stay, of course, in the shade, and take paracetamol against pain. To avoid this, we keep a hood.

7. Otitis externa

Diving and re-diving Children and adolescents between the ages of 7 and 15 are often victims of otitis externa: “You have to put antibiotic drops in your ear and don’t put your head under water until you have healed.”

8. Watch out for gastroenteritis

Gastroenteritis is on the rise in the summer. Because some pay less attention to food preservation. It can also come after frequent showers in hot, dirty water: “You should then drink good water and possibly take anti-nausea or anti-diarrheals.”

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9. Sun and herpes

In the summer, people with herpes are especially regularly exposed, when the sun can activate the virus. Therefore, when you go on vacation, do not forget about your antiviral treatment!

10. Prevent urinary tract infection

In order to avoid a UTI, it is essential that you remember to drink fluids regularly in the summer. Especially when it’s very hot.

11. Fight yeast infection

Mycosis likes to settle in wet areas: between the toes, under the arms, the folds of the thighs … When you get out of the water, you must make sure that you dry yourself well.

12. The return of Covid

Doctors are declaring, this summer, that Covid cases should rise. Therefore it is recommended to apply barrier gestures!

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