Covid: Beta-interferon an effective treatment soon to be used in France?

By Laurent P. Posted Mar 1, 2021 at 3:26 PM Updated Mar 1, 2021 at 3:28 pm

According to the drug company Synairgen, clinical trials of the beta-interferon-based treatment, which is commonly used against multiple sclerosis, have given “very significant” results against Covid. A treatment soon available in France would provide relief for people with severe forms of shortness of breath.

The InterferonsMolecules that are effective against Covid? After the study in China of alpha-2b interferon, which showed a certain efficacy in reducing inflammation (the notorious cytokine shock) in cases of respiratory distress, the drug company Synergen The results were unveiled in July 2020 Clinical test, On theBeta interferonThis time, a molecule naturally produced by the human body that, according to this study, would reduce the risk of developing a dangerous type of disease.

Molecule of the Minister of Health Olivier Ferrand He praised during a press conference on Thursday 25 February 2021, stating that this treatment against Covid will soon be used in France to prevent dangerous forms of the disease. “A major breakthrough in hospitalization for Covid-19 patientsFor its part, suspended the British biotechnology company last July, which itself publishes the results of its work Clinical testAnd the obligation to do so. “For reasons related to the stock marketAs our colleagues explained to us from West of France.

According to the study, which was conducted on 101 double-blind patients in nine hospitals nationwide, theBeta interferonIt is usually used as a treatment for Multiple SclerosisIt would have been allowed to fall. ”very important“Shortness of breath in patients in the hospital. Still, according to our colleagues.”Treatment will reduce 79% of the risk of a hospitalized person developing a serious illness that requires respiratory assistanceOf note, this should also make it possible to reduce recovery time from 9 to 6 days.

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How does this treatment work? It consists of inhaling protein using a nebulizer, as it descends directly into the lungs to stimulate.Stronger antiviral response, even in patients with already weakened immune systemsHe explains West of France. A promising remedy, therefore, and soon to be introduced in France.

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