COVID-19. Variable, danger on the train, vaccination … Ferran responds to fears on the eve of a new phase of dismantling

A new phase of deconfinement is set to begin on Wednesday with the reopening of dining rooms, bars and gyms, but also the curfew time has been moved to 11pm. In light of the relaxation of sanitary rules in France, Health Minister Olivier Veran responded on BFMTV on Sunday to various questions, in particular about the control of the Covid-19 epidemic in the territory, as well as more specific points such as wearing a mask. and vaccinate the youngest.

The epidemiological situation in France

Health Minister Olivier Veran noted that the “reopening” of schools, shops and places of culture in particular “did not break the dynamic of curbing the epidemic”. “The epidemiological situation is constantly improving,” he said.

Concern about the Indian alternative

While in the UK, the Indian variant, Delta says, is becoming the majority and the epidemiological situation is deteriorating, Olivier Veran asserts: “We are chasing the Indian variant.”

He noted that it is “40% more transmissible”. But he also noted that at this point “there are no major concerns”. There is no extension in the area but there are groups, especially in the lands by transmission within the family.”

The government remains alert about the spread of this Indian species which, among other things, could disturb the French summer.

Should we fear a new wave?

“At the moment, we cannot say that the virus is behind us,” Olivier Veran declared. “The gradual dismantling is going well, we still respect the rules” but “we will only be sure that we have defeated the virus once and for all when we get to next November and December when the weather conditions for the spread of the virus will be as we would have done.” He was exposed to a wave.. If the wave did not arrive, we can say that Covid is in the past.”

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wearing the mask

“The mask will remain mandatory outdoors in June,” Olivier Veran announced, but stressed, “We will not ask the French to wear a mask outside one day more than will be necessary.”

Is the train a mobile mass?

Is the train a mobile mass? “The answer is no,” the minister said. “We would have seen that because the trains never stopped running even if the transportation supply was cut back.”

At the call of SNCF employees, concerned about their health and the health of the passengers, the Labor Inspectorate issued a damning report about the lack of ventilation in TGVs. The National Authority for Childhood defended itself, stressing on Friday that it had applied health instructions “with the utmost strictness.”

Vaccination in the summer

And the French health minister encouraged the French to vaccinate as soon as possible as the summer holidays approached: “Get vaccinated in June, protect yourself as soon as possible,” he said. “There will be a booster where we will have the first injection, we have established the flexibility, instead of 42 days between the two injections, we will have 49 days, we also did a backup with additional doses sent. On the coast for people who are unable to take their second dose in the same place.”

Towards a younger vaccination?

With regard to vaccination of the youngest, ie before the age of 12 years, Olivier Veran, Minister of Health of BFMTV, specified “that you do not have enough data yet to start vaccinating the younger masses”. For now, he insisted, “we’re focused on vaccinating adolescents.”

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