COVID-19 | Threshold of 100,000 new cases crossed in France

(Paris) France crossed the threshold of 100,000 new cases of COVID-19 within 24 hours on Saturday, Christmas Day, which is unprecedented, while the government must reassess the situation on Monday.

According to figures published by the French Public Health Agency, the country recorded 104,611 new cases within 24 hours, it has reached an unprecedented threshold since the outbreak of the epidemic began in March 2020. The 50,000 mark was crossed on December 4, and thus this number doubled in three weeks , according to data from the Health Agency.

In the face of the proliferation of the Omicron variant, the Executive is mobilizing. President Emmanuel Macron will convene the Health Defense Council on Monday by videoconference at 4pm, one hour before the Cabinet must adopt a bill creating a vaccine passport.

A few days before the New Year, will the government announce stronger restrictions or will it opt ​​for the status quo?

Some action has already been taken locally, as in Savoy. The prefectural decree extends the measures in place since November 30, which requires the wearing of masks for people aged 11 years and over, including outdoors, in places with more than 10 people, such as markets, theaters, etc.

The wearing of a mask is also mandatory for children aged 11 years and over from 9 am to midnight in Chambéry, Aix-les-Bains, Albertville and ski resort municipalities (eg Tignes or La Plagne).

The number of deaths since the beginning of the epidemic reached 122,546 cases, an increase of 84 cases from the previous day (169 Friday).

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Finally, since the start of the vaccination campaign in France, 527,12,462 people have received at least one injection (ie 78.2% of the total population) and now 5,160 6,171 people have a full vaccination schedule (ie 76, 5% of the total population).

Since the start of the booster campaign, 21,947,185 people have received an additional dose.

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