Covid-19: Three more victims in Ottawa, equivalent to a record number of cases in Ottawa | Corona Virus

During the past 48 hours, five people have succumbed to COVID-19 in El Awais state, three of them have gotten distressed since Wednesday.

The horrific death toll from the Coronavirus reached 183 in the region on Thursday.

The health authorities in Al-Awais reported 167 new cases of the virus in their daily report, Thursday.

In total, 9,823 people have contracted COVID-19 in Ottawa since the start of the pandemic.

The situation remains critical in the COVID-19 unit at Hull Hospital as 53 patients are battling symptoms of the virus. Four people are also being treated in intensive care.

Variables have been confirmed

The presence of variants has also been confirmed in Ottawa. Public Health is monitoring over a thousand suspected cases of variants, most of which are unconfirmed.

According to the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec (INSPQ), Outaouais still has 181 cases of confirmed variants, Thursday, mainly from the UK ancestry. Wednesday again, andINSPQ 45 confirmed.

Analyzes are continuing for 1,668 cases of COVID-19 suspected to be a mutation of the virus.

Integrated Health and Social Services Center (Quebec) From the Ottawa region, about 100 active outbreaks and 1,155 active cases in the county.

A record tied in Ottawa

In Ottawa, the situation has not improved either. With 370 new cases on Thursday, the federal capital tied the record on April 11th.

So far, 20,966 people have contracted the virus in Ottawa.

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Thursday, the death toll has stabilized in the region, as 479 people have died from the virus since March 2020.

According to Ottawa Public Health (OPH), the population of the federal capital is 2,401 people Variables of anxiety and mutations On its territory, nine of them have caused death.

On Thursday, 84 patients infected with COVID-19 were hospitalized and 25 were in intensive care at a hospital in the area.

In Ontario, the health situation continues to deteriorate. The province reached new levels of new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, with 4,736 infections. Not many cases were recorded in a single day.

The province also broke a record for admitting patients with COVID-19 into intensive care units. According to the Ontario Hospital Association, more than 650 adult patients with COVID-19 are in intensive care, an upward trend that has continued since the end of February.

Public health records another 29 deaths in Ontario.

More details to come.

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