Covid-19. The UK will raise its containment step by step

at United kingdom, The spread of The South African alternative The Covid-19, Which is more contagious, is slowing down. The authorities are studying a Decode Staged to avoid trend reversal. first Minister, Boris JohnsonA roadmap to lift these restrictions should be unveiled on Monday, February 22nd.

On the eve of the announcement, Health Minister Matt Hancock and chief epidemiologist John Edmunds indicated that restrictions will need to be eased smoothly and in stages, in order to assess the impact of people’s movements and interactions on the circulation of the virus.

The minister indicated that each easing may take a few weeks. Schools must be the first to reopen. Despite the pressure for a faster dismantling, the prime minister must remain cautious Monday.

A quarter of the population received the first dose of the vaccine

The data showed that the vaccination campaign, which was carried out at a faster than expected rate through the channel, reduced the transmission of the virus and eased the pressure on hospitals, according to Matt Hancock.

One in three adults received their first injection of the vaccine and the number of deaths from the new coronavirus began to decline. To date, 17.2 million Britons have received the first dose of the vaccine, more than a quarter of the population, making it one of the world’s most advanced countries in immunization after Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

The government has also said that all British adults will be able to receive the first dose of the vaccine by the end of July.

In total, the UK has recorded around 300 cases of contamination with the South African species. England has also imposed quarantine measures to prevent the arrival of variants from outside. In terms of deaths, the UK is the fifth worst affected country in the world by this pandemic.

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