COVID-19: The state of emergency will end on May 11 in the United States

The White House announced Monday that the health emergency, declared three years ago when the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the United States, will officially end on May 11.

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Two declarations of a state of emergency have been issued in the country: one called “National” and the other named “Public Health”.

The expiry of these laws, which went into effect in January 2020 under the presidency of Donald Trump, will end federal subsidies for COVID-19 treatments, health insurance, and other government aid related to the pandemic.

In fact, a portion of the federal money to help Americans during the pandemic has already dried up due to congressional decisions.

For the rest of the funds, these are the subject of bitter political debates.

Elected Republicans who control the House of Representatives are preparing bills aimed at ending the laws as soon as possible:any March for a national emergency and April 11 for a public health emergency.

The White House warned in a press release that ending the emergency quickly would have “extremely severe consequences for our country’s health care system and government operations,” including “chaos and uncertainty in the health care system.”

“Hospitals and nursing homes, which have become accustomed to the flexibility these emergencies allow, will plunge into chaos without the time to retrain their agents and create a new billing system,” according to the same press release.

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According to the press release, another reason given for the 60-day notice period was to give the government time to prepare for the impact of the lifting of emergency measures on immigration at the US-Mexico border.

The rule known as “Title 42,” currently in place to allow any illegal aliens intercepted at the border, including potential asylum seekers, to return immediately is legal only because of the health emergency. Ending this situation “rapidly” would lead to “a significant additional influx of migrants”.

The White House says it wants to end Title 42 and replace it with another legal mechanism to control the flow of potential immigrants, but says it needs time to do so.

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