COVID-19: SME offers $10,000 to every vaccinated employee

This reward for grafting and recruiting is above all a sign of gratitude according to the company. (Photo: Evan St-Pierre)

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RHEVIL-MORNING. The Montreal-area transportation and logistics company will give at least $10,000 to all of its drivers who have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

If it serves as a catalyst for vaccination and hiring, this initiative announced at the end of November for employees is above all a testament to the thanks of SMEs to their entire fleet, which maintained the fortress while the entire province of Quebec was – or almost – taming remote work, according to to Fuel Transport’s Vice President of Operations, Peter Perella, in an interview with Les Affaires.

“We think of nurses and teachers, but we forget about drivers at times like these. […] While everyone was working from home, shops and restaurants were closed, they risked working for us. Without them, it would have been difficult to move inventory to the store,” says Vice President of Operations.

It is not important that the deadline for receiving his first dose, and at the same cost a bonus of $ 10,000 spread over 12 months, i.e. January 15, 2022. In fact, since then, many groups of travelers, including truck drivers, will no longer be able to return home without adequate vaccination. This new rule could have dire consequences for fuel transportation activities, as nearly all of their drivers are required to travel in the United States as they are in Canada.

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We knew that if we had a driver shortage on the road as of January, that would have repercussions for our operations. So we looked for an “aggressive” stimulus, says Peter Parola.

When they heard rumors that such regulations were brewing on both sides of the border, LaSalle’s management team decided to kill two birds with one stone with such a big bounty.

It also helps us meet the needs of our workforce. By January 15, every driver who enters our home and is doubly vaccinated will have $10,000 in there,” the vice president explains, stepping back from the difficulty of recruiting small and medium businesses, like many of their peers.

And the initiative is paying off, because since the announcement, nearly 97% of truck drivers have received their first vaccination, and who have proven their second appointment has already taken place.

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