COVID-19: She wakes up from coma before disconnecting

Connected to a life support machine and in a coma for weeks after contracting COVID-19, a 60-year-old woke up the day she needed to be separated.

In the weeks leading up to the moment her family decided to leave her, Bettina Lerman didn’t respond to any attempts from doctors trying to wake her up.

So much so that the family has already bought a coffin and a tombstone and made arrangements for the funeral to finally see him off, his son Andrew told CNN.

Convinced that the lady would die, the family also gave up their apartment in addition to donating their personal belongings to the other residents of the building.

It was a doctor from Maine Medical Center in Portland who called him the day he woke up to urge him to go to the hospital.

He told me: You have to come here immediately. I wondered what was wrong. At the time he told me nothing was wrong, but that my mother had woken up,” says Andrew Lerman.

Mouth lover, the man says he dropped his phone when the doctor announced the news.

According to the son, Bettina Lerman, who will blow 70 candles in February, had numerous health problems. She had diabetes, had a heart attack and had quadruple bypass surgery a few years ago.

The woman experienced her first symptoms of the virus in early September before being tested in hospital on 12 September. She was later placed on life support on September 21.

Bettina Lerma, who is not vaccinated, is said to have intended to be vaccinated against COVID-19 when she fell ill. But her condition deteriorated and doctors did not expect her to recover.

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“We had a family reunion at the hospital because she didn’t wake up. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t wake her up. They told us his lungs were completely smashed. There is irreparable damage, she won’t come back.”

The woman finally woke up on October 29, but is in critical condition, according to a hospital spokesperson who was unable to provide further details about her condition. Doctors struggle to understand how the woman emerged from the coma.

According to her son Andrew, she is able to move her hands and arms and can breathe on her own for a few hours using oxygen.

Her son said, “It’s a miracle.”

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