COVID-19: Over 50,000 additional cases in the UK, for the first time since July

London, United Kingdom | The United Kingdom on Thursday recorded more than 50,000 cases of COVID-19 for the first time since mid-July, underlining deteriorating health that has led to increasingly urgent calls for the reimposition of restrictions, such as the mask port indoors.

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The epidemic disappeared for weeks from the current events and fears, and the epidemic suddenly returned to remind the British.

The country has some of the highest pollution rates in the world and is on par with last winter’s violent wave, which caused long-term confinement. The numbers of hospitalizations and deaths are still lower, but they are also on the rise.

The number of new daily infections reached 5,2009 on Thursday, and the number of deaths increased by 115 deaths to reach 139,146 deaths since the outbreak of the epidemic.

The British government admitted on Wednesday that infections could soon reach 100,000 new cases per day. But he has rejected calls to roll back the latest lifting of restrictions in July, instead encouraging those over 50 to receive a booster dose and unvaccinated young adults to do so in order to avoid turning the nail as Christmas approaches.

“The infection numbers are high, but we are sticking to the established standards,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said. “We stick to our plan.”

In the face of the deteriorating situation, calls are growing for the government to implement its “Plan B” which provides for the possibility of bringing the mask indoors, encouraging remote work or even vaccinations.

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The British Medical Association accused the government of “willful negligence”, deeming the current situation “unsustainable” and calling for immediate action.

The government lifted most of the anti-Covid restrictions in England in July. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, which are competent in health affairs, continue to require the wearing of masks indoors.

This very liberal policy is one of the hypotheses put forward to explain the current decline, which mainly affects adolescents and young adults. Also noted were the low vaccination rate for minors and a slow recall campaign for the elderly, who received their first doses too early and see their immunity getting worse.

According to the authorities’ weekly statement for England, the number of cases is highest among people aged 10-19, with a record incidence of 1,366 cases per 100,000.

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