Covid-19: One dose of vaccine for infected people?

The Quebec Immunization Committee (CIQ) recommends injecting one dose of the vaccine, rather than two, for people who have already had COVID-19.

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At a press conference, Tuesday, the National Director of Public Health, Dr.s Horacio Arruda stated that, in those people who have tested positive, this “first dose will have the same effect as the second dose”.

“The disease is a bit like the first dose of the vaccine,” says Nicolas Brousseau, medical advisor at the National Institute of Public Health in Quebec (INSPQ).

The second safe dose

Nicholas Brosso reassures, if a person who is already infected with the Coronavirus is still receiving two doses of vaccines, his life will not be in danger.

“For people who have contracted the Coronavirus, the second dose is not necessary, but it is also not dangerous,” he says.

The medical advisor cautions, however, that this second dose could be “more reactive”.

A fact noted by microbiologist Alex Karenian.

“If we already had COVID, we notice that people react a little more. We will have mild fever, muscle aches and side effects,” he explains.

But a person who has contracted the virus without showing symptoms does not need to worry about being vaccinated twice.

“It is not dangerous, so you do not have to run behind the evidence of infection. There is no problem if the person does not know that they have the Coronavirus and that they were receiving two doses of the vaccine,” says Nicholas Brosseau.

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Ds Arruda also mentioned that test banks and vaccination records will be merged, making it possible to know if a person has actually tested positive after the screening test.

It also does not matter whether a person contracted COVID-19 in the first wave or in the past few weeks.

And confirms the medical advisor to INSPQ: “There are studies appearing every day, and regardless of when a person is infected with the COVID virus, when the first dose of the vaccine is given, the response is unusual. It is really good.”

Fearing shortages of doses or delaying delivery, many countries are looking for a way to maximize vaccine doses in order to vaccinate as many people as possible.

In Quebec, 1,024,713 doses of the vaccine have been administered to date.

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