COVID-19: More and more companies can create incentives for vaccination | Coronavirus: Ontario

Resolute Forest Products implemented a incentive this week for its 6,000 employees in the United States and Canada.

At each location, employees will be able to receive an amount of money donated to a charity of their choice, if the employee’s vaccination rate reaches 75%.

Lewis Bouchard, Resolute Forest Products’ chief public affairs director, realized the company Can not be forced [ses] Receive vaccinations for employees.

Louis Bouchard, Director of Public Relations and Government Relations at Resolute Forest Products.

Photo: assertive forest products

So she chose Which An incentive program has already been in place for 10 years, which consists of rewarding sites that have excelled in promoting occupational health and safety.

A healthy population is the active population, and we need healthy and healthy employees, so there is a benefit for everyone in this campaign and we hope that people will respond positively.

Quote from:Louis Bouchard, Senior Director of Public Affairs at Resolved Forest Products

Labor lawyer Carly Stringer thinks the incentives could be similar to assertive forest products Replicated By many other companies.

This is an example of a business owner finding an innovative way to encourage vaccination of their employees., Notes.

But she fears that, in some cases, incentives It results in preferential treatment at the expense of employees who are unable to receive the vaccine for reasons under Ontario Human Rights Act.

By law, organizations are obligated to provide accommodations for people who are unable to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, especially because of their disability or their beliefs.

Staff are reluctant to get vaccinated, The next discussion we’ll see emerge

There is no law in Ontario that gives all employers the power to request vaccinations for their employees.

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But even in situations where incentives like Resolute Forest Products work, companies will need to ask themselves: What to do with employees who don’t want to be vaccinatedAccording to University of Ottawa professor of law and administration, Jill Levasseur.

Gilles Levasseur in an interview at the offices of Radio Canada Ottawa.

Gil Levasseur is Professor of Law and Administration at the University of Ottawa.

Photo: Radio Canada

There are people who will refuse. The problem is that people will say, “We cannot go to work because we fear that people will infect us because they have not been vaccinated.”, He explains.

So can the employer now force workers to get vaccinated because you have a very large percentage of your workforce that have been vaccinated and you have 5-20% hesitant for various reasons?

Quote from:Jill Levasseur is Professor of Law and Administration at the University of Ottawa

First, are we going to require our employees to have a vaccination certificate and two, are we going to compel them all [à se faire vacciner] Because we are unable to continue working?, Mr. LeVasseur notes.

If we cannot provide the facilities, will we have to lay off workers because we are no longer able to work? This is the next discussion we’ll see emerge, He adds.

It also indicates that the Law on Respect for Occupational Health and Safety stipulates that the employer must ensure the provision of a safe work environment for its employees. We know that vaccination is the vehicle we currently have for managing the crisis.

This does not mean that it will be the same answer in a year, two or three years, but because we are there to protect the work environment of our colleagues, the employer, in positions that he cannot do in the places of residence, he can only require that people be physically in the workplace. And they may need to be vaccinated except for those who have medical exceptionsMr. LeVasseur concludes.

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