COVID-19 in France | Will the new restrictions suffice?

(Paris) The new restrictions afflicting a third of French will be sufficient to limit the COVID-19 epidemic in the respective regions, while boredom is manifesting more and more, as evidenced by the Sunday Carnival in Marseille, which brings together thousands of young people.

Paul Ricard
France Media

Around 6,500 people, most of them young and unmasked, defied health restrictions Sunday at a festival in the unauthorized streets of Marseille, which was described as “an outlet” but which the police deemed “completely irresponsible”.

“This type of case can lead to thousands of secondary infections if among all these people, some of them are pregnant, and even without symptoms,” recalls Karen Lacombe, head of the infectious diseases department at Saint-Antoine Hospital in Paris.

But “what this reflects is that everyone is tired. We have a feeling of not seeing the end,” added the service head at BFMTV, calling for “more teaching assets to be shown, and then especially to go to a higher level in terms of vaccination.”

Health Minister Olivier Ferrand warned on Sunday that “the weeks ahead will be difficult, and the wave is escalating.” Parisian / Today in France.

Pressure is already mounting on intensive care units that house more than 4,406 patients with COVID-19, the highest number since the end of November, according to figures released on Sunday. We have to go back to November 23 to find such a high number. And the percentage of positivity is still increasing, reaching 8%.

Epidemiologist Arnaud Fontanet, a member of the scientific council that directs the government, called in JDD to “act” without further delay and test the impact of the new measures in areas that are still far from it “, before reaching the stage where we have no other choice but to close all Thing “.

Photo by Francois Morey, AP

Unlike the first two policies, you can stay abroad as long as you want, and this time the government took into account the fact that you pollute yourself more at home than outside.

Increase vaccination

Apart from the Atlantic coast […] And maybe Corsica, which has always resisted better, we can fear that other regions will soon fall into a very difficult position with the push of the English substitute, ”he warned.

Epidemiologists have expressed doubts about the impact of these measures, which went into effect on Saturday for at least four weeks in 16 provinces (eight from Ile-de-France, five from Haut-de-France, Seine-Maritimes, Hôtel and Alpine-Maritimes), or 21 million people. (Including 12 million in the Paris region).

“Maybe we can slow down a little, but the epidemiological situation will not improve quickly with the measures taken,” fears BFMTV William Dab, former director-general of health (No. 2 in the ministry).

We are already on a very high plateau, and for two or three weeks we will not have any effect from these measures. Will this be enough? Karen Lacombe said, “We doubt it.

To date, 6.1 million people have received at least one injection, including 2.4 their doses. Insufficient numbers in the eyes of the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, who called for “unleashing” vaccination so that “everyone who wants to do so can”.

Photo by Pascal Rossignol, Reuters

To date, 6.1 million people have received at least one injection in France, including 2.4 their doses.

Government spokesman Gabriel Atal replied, “The only thing that restricts vaccination is the number of doses.” Gabriel Attal.

Do not receive it at home

The main changes are the closure of new businesses and the ban on going more than 10 kilometers from the house for walking or exercising during the day.

For this, you no longer need a certificate. The one originally planned for Saturday was deleted shortly after its publication, as its complexity had earned him a lot of inconvenience.

You can also travel around your department to do your shopping. These measures were tightened from 7 pm until 6 am, with curfews across the city.

Unlike the first two policies, you can stay abroad as long as you want, and this time the government took into account the fact that you pollute yourself more at home than outside.

Mr. Atal stressed the need not to receive people from outside the home, not only in the evening, as was already the case with the curfew, but also at lunch.

“The strategy is to say: With the return of the sunny days, go out, walk, exercise, while avoiding gatherings. But on the other hand, we must insist on limiting your internal meetings as much as possible, and if you have any, apply barrier gestures strictly. Professor Fontanet confirmed.

Among the new casualties is Culture Minister Roslyn Bachelot, who announced this on Twitter on Saturday night. The day before, she decorated singer Michel Sardo, commander of the Legion of Honor, and then, according to Liberation newspaper, attended the recording of Faust’s opera in the Bastille Opera.

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