COVID-19 | Dr. Anthony Fauci says the United States is heading in the wrong direction

(Wilmington) The United States is finding itself in an “unnecessary predicament” due to the new surge in COVID-19, which is being fueled by those who refuse vaccination and the virulent delta variant, said the leading expert on the disease. Countries suffering from infectious diseases, dNS Anthony Fauci.

“We are going in the wrong direction,” he said, describing himself as “very frustrated”.

He indicated that the authorities are studying the possibility of recommending the wearing of a face covering for those who are prevented. In addition, a third injection may be recommended for people with weakened immune systems.NS Fauci.

passes in the show state of the union CNN’s chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden said he has been involved in discussions about masks.

He noted that some local jurisdictions with high rates of disease, such as Los Angeles County, have urged people to wear face coverings, regardless of their immunization status.

More than 163 million people, or 49% of the total US population, have been adequately vaccinated, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Among people 12 or older, the figure rises to 57%.

It is mainly a problem of those who have not received the vaccination. This is why we are practically begging them to be vaccinated,” said Dr.NS Fauci.

He said government experts are examining the first data on a booster shot for those who have been vaccinated. According to him, more vulnerable people, such as organ transplants and cancer patients, are “more likely” to recommend a booster injection.

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considered dNS Fauci also praised Republicans, such as conservatives Asa Hutchinson and Ron DeSantis, as well as Representative Steve Scalise for encouraging their constituents to get vaccinated. Their states have one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country.

“What I would really like to see is more and more leaders from these vaccine-phobic areas to speak out and encourage people to get vaccinated.”

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