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Patients who have experienced a severe form of the coronavirus are at risk of post-illness mental, neurological and cognitive disorders. This is at least what should be remembered from a recent study published by researchers fromUniversity of Cambridge and Imperial College London (UK) in the magazine Clinical Medicine. Scientists have already conducted research on nearly 50 patients who developed Covid-19 six months after being infected. These patients, who have an average age of 51, react the same as 70-year-olds.

decreased cognitive performance

The result was that patients who contracted the virus scored the lowest and were slower to answer questionnaires than the others. It was also noted that patients admitted to intensive care had the lowest cognitive performance. Also, according to the survey results, some patients were followed up for up to 10 months after they became infected.

“Some people may not recover anymore…”

We conclude that the recovery of cognitive faculties is slow at best.Study officials say. “We have seen a very slow improvement. Even if it is not statistically significant, at least it is going in the right direction, but some of these people may not fully recover.”On his part, the director of the study explained, David K. Menon.

Many people are still suffering

We generally remember that several thousand people experience these problems. According to statistics from Adam Hampshire, a researcher at Imperial College and lead author of the study, several thousand people in England have been hospitalized with Covid-19. Hence it shows that after a pandemic, many people are exposed to these disorders. “Many people still have these cognitive problems months later.”lamented the world.

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