Countries that have already vaccinated children

Countries are already vaccinating children over the age of 12, as European pharmaceutical companies have eliminated the use of Pfizer injections. France is keeping a close eye on what is being done elsewhere.

When is the time for children? The vaccine is open to all adults in France from May 31 without an age limit, and can be accessed by young people over 16. “A few days“According to Alain Fisher, head of the steering committee for the vaccine strategy against Govt-19, the European Pharmaceuticals Institute gave the green light a few days ago to give Pfizer doses to children over 12. According to the Pastor’s Institute’s recommendations, 90% of people who have been vaccinated will have a combined immunity. This is an important step for many epidemiologists who believe that.

If this is only for a few days, then each country must decide when and under what circumstances to open the doors of vaccination centers for adolescents. Germany, for example, with Romania, takes the lead in announcing that it welcomes children over the age of 12 from June 7. Still reluctant, it is looking for the right tempo for its vaccine campaign, the pace of which has accelerated this week, with France looking closely at what is being done elsewhere, especially in the United States and Canada, where the vaccine has been open to young people for weeks.

A quarter of young people in the United States are vaccinated

After an intense vaccination campaign that reached 51% of the population vaccinated for the first time today, the United States soon opened the door to adolescence. Since the beginning of May, health officials have been supportive, first for 16-17 year olds and then for their younger siblings over 12 years old. Of these, more than six million received the first dose, or 24% of American adolescents.

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The government hopes to be able to give them the first dose by the end of June and the second dose before the start of the school year, if their Canadian neighbors are recognized at the same time. To do this, buses and mobile vaccination centers have been set up in schools. Only children under the age of 14 need parental consent to receive precious serum, and their elders can make their own decision independently. A new step, the return of children to school is welcomed by pediatricians, who hope that masks will fall in the classroom. Others blame the government’s strategy, which favors first-dose injections, with 52% of people first vaccinated and only 5% fully protected.

Text messages for Singapore school students

In southern Malaysia, off the coast of the Chinese Ocean, Singapore is preparing to vaccinate its adolescents over the age of 12 from June 3. When the total vaccination rate in the country is 30%, young people will go to vaccination centers and receive Pfizer dosage. Every student or parent of a school student can send a unique registration link to the vaccination window via SMS. The Ministry of Education has stated that high school students will be given first priority. Those who have not yet blown their twelfth candle on June 1st will still have to wait. The decision to vaccinate the young was forced to close its schools in mid-May, following an increase in pollution, especially among city-state minorities.

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The situation that the United Arab Emirates wants to avoid is that it is possible to vaccinate children aged 12-17 from May 23rd. Emirati officials want to keep its population at bay, with 40% of them receiving two doses in order to welcome new tourists this summer.

While these countries want to achieve immunity as soon as possible by vaccinating children, others are very cautious. However, with almost 60% of its population immune to the vaccine race, Israel has only vaccinated young people over the age of 16. Young people will have to wait for the release of a government-appointed study to establish the risks. Doctors fear the development of inflammatory myocarditis of the heart muscle.

These are the last “Relatively few“And gravity”SlightAttract the attention of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is on par with Public Health France. In Their last study was dated May 17th, These complications most often affect men, at the age of 22, usually four days after the onset of symptoms.

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