Could Ateliers Saint-Louis become Espace bleu du Bas-Saint-Laurent?

Ateliers Saint-Louis will then become a museum and publishing space where the history and artists of Bas-Saint-Laurent will be displayed. In addition, there will be a restaurant area where regional products will be displayed.

Our project will include two permanent exhibition spaces. An acreage in Jules A. Brillant, which has made an exceptional economic contribution to the whole of Bas-Saint-Laurent, as well as another acreage in loggingA member of the Ateliers Saint-Louis Conservation Committee, artistic architect Charles Ruest, explains.

What are blue spaces?

Last June, Quebec created a new network of museums across the province. These museums, called Blue Spaces, will have a mission to introduce the history, characteristics, and important personalities of each of Quebec’s 17 regions. In addition to being in heritage buildings, presenting exhibitions and offering cultural mediation activities, each museum will have a café where local gastronomy and products will be displayed.

The city of Rimouski, which already in 2016 tried to divest from the St. Louis Ateliers by offering it for a nominal sum of $1 to anyone with a repair project, has not yet found a buyer. The mayor, Mark Barnett, now says he supports the Protection Commission project and has already begun steps in that direction with the Quebec government.

It’s under study, but I can assure you I’ve done my homework. I did my duties with the Minister of Culture, the Regional Minister and the Prime Minister. It’s a project that fits perfectly into the Blue Spaces framework, says the mayor.

If the project is accepted, Quebec will become the owner of Ateliers Saint-Louis and therefore be responsible for its repair.

It is not yet clear how much such a project could cost.

If the mayor is talking about him Several million dollarsThe city still refuses to release the report on the condition of the building. The mayor does not wish to advance, at this time, a possible financial involvement of the city in this project.

Similar facades at Ateliers Saint-Louis and Cégep de Rimouski in 1929

Ateliers Saint-Louis and Cégep de Rimouski were both built in the 1920s by the same architect, Pierre Lévesque, from Quebec. The two buildings are shown here in 1929.

Photo: Author Unknown / Collection: Archives des Frères du Sacré-Cœur / Rimouski Heritage Society

For her part, the Minister of Culture confirmed that the proposal of the committee and the city of Rimouski is under study, and assures that the announcements will be issued, if necessary, in time.

St. Louis workshops were built in 1924. The building was called at that time the Sacred Heart Brethren School. Attended by thousands of students until the end of the 1960s, it is one of the rare old buildings in Rimouski that was not destroyed during the 1950 fire.

In collaboration with Sophie Martin and Michel-Félix Tremblay

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